The Pantry Essentials You Need in Your Kitchen


Hunger strikes many times a day, and you can reach into your kitchen instead of reaching for the food delivery app. Here’s a list of pantry staples that you need to have at all times:

Olive oil

There are different types of olive oil for use in different situations. Extra virgin oil is best used for uncooked food or food that’s cooked in low to medium temperatures. For high heat cooking, use a refined olive oil. You can be generous with this one, minus the guilt. It’s good for you. 🙂

Vegetable oil

A good sunflower oil is great for high smoke and a neutral taste. Great for Indian cooking, this oil can also withstand high temperatures well.


There are 3 types you should consider stocking: balsamic vinegar is for salad dressings, and goes well with bread too. Red wine vinegar is great for sauces and marinades. Cider vinegar is best for homemade pickles.


There’s table salt, of course, the relatively finer grain and with higher iodine content. But you should also consider getting yourself some sea salt, which has a great earthy flavour.


While salt enhances taste, pepper transforms it. Get your peppercorns  whole and invest in a good pepper mill to grind your pepper fresh when you need it.


We’d best leave you with a list: Turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin, mustard seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and fennel,

Tomato puree

A common ingredient, this is that silent hero in many dishes from around the world. A few packs of this in your pantry and you’ll always be prepared to chuck it into a pan and start the simmering.


The starch you’ll need if you’re making an exquisite curry or a simple dal, some hot steamed rice is just what every pantry needs, and not one can do without. There are many types but you’d do well if you start with some white Sona Masoori, red and brown rice. Basmati is a great choice for Indian cooking too. 


For those nights you need to rustle up something super-quick, without any hassle, keep a bag or two of your favourite type of pasta handy.


The best part of stocking onions is they keep well for relatively long periods. The red onions that we commonly get here in India are versatile and can be used even after they’re sprouted. Just take care to see they’re mold-free though.


Store garlic in a cool dark place, and they’ll last just as long if not longer. Just remember that the older they are, the sharper their flavour can get especially if they’ve sprouted.


Tubers can keep quite well too. Avoid keeping them in the same bag as onions. That will cause them both to spoil faster. Cut off the green parts before cooking them


There’s many types and it depends on what you favour. Sourdough, rye, white, brown, baguette, ciabatta, bagels: we could go on and on, but the important thing is to find a good local baker and get your breads fresh off the oven.


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