The Future is Venus

Somewhere near you is a grandmother of two, taking short, slow steps into her room, assisted by a stick. She wonders if she can’t run the house the way she used to. She was the boss before they brought in the cooks and helps. She’s still the boss. She’s trying out relaxation now, but not really.

Somewhere near you is a middle aged working woman, a bit worse for wear and tear, but can’t imagine the idle life. She’s wondered about retirement for some years now, but can’t accept the thought. Work gives her purpose.

Somewhere there’s a young mother far from home, wearing her loneliness like it’s her birthright. She’s homesick, but it’s not time to come home yet. Everyday she scribbles new ideas in her notebook. She knows someday, she has to stand on the power of one of them.

Somewhere there’s a girl who doesn’t quite fit in with the crowd. She’s doesn’t want a marriage, and has dogs for kids. She loses patience when she’s asked why she won’t settle down. But she knows that she’s something they will never understand.


Happy Women’s Day!

The Future is Venus.

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