What They’re Eating for Christmas Around the World

Food around the world can be as different as night and day. But we like to think that no matter the differences, what it means to each one of us is essentially the same. Whether a full belly is all we want, or good times with family and friends, or a celebration of something special, it’s the same magic at work.

That feeling of sameness is never more astounding as it is today.  Here’s a look at some Christmas food around some countries in the world:

Japan, Kentucky Fried Christmas

A Christmas marketing campaign by KFC in Japan became wildly successful. Today, even 40 years later, millions of families in Japan book their KFC meals weeks in advance for Christmas night. Who would’ve thought KFC for Christmas? You have to hand it the Japanese! They sure know how to surprise the world.

Germany, Christmas Goose

The Weihnachtsgans or the Christmas Goose has been a tradition in Germany since the Middle Ages. The dish comes stuffed with apples or onions and prunes. What was that? Of course, they’ve got Sauerkraut on the side!


England, Beef Wellington

A fillet steak wrapped in crusty, golden puff pastry is the traditional Christmas meal of dreams here. It’s an absolute showstopper to have a perfectly moist fillet inside and a flaky pastry outside on any table in England. Gordon Ramsay’s known for his famous recipe of this dish.


Sweden, Julbord

A Swedish Christmas buffet, this one is an all-out attack on the senses. It’s an extensive spread that’s evolved from their various traditions. To you and me, it might look like any other buffet. But in Sweden, they take their Julbord very seriously, and is very close to their heart. Pickled herring, salmon, ham, cheeses, beet salad, meatballs, sausages, pork ribs… it’s all there! In the mood yet?


Poland, Beet Soup with Uszka

This hot beet soup with mushrooms dumplings sounds like an absolute ace to us. It looks like a dream too! We’ll let someone closer to home describe it you, and add in a traditional recipe of it as well.


Belgium, Cougnou

Called the bread of Jesus, it’s a sweet bread that’s served during the season in Belgium and parts of France. The bread is formed in the shape of baby Jesus, and no surprises, that it’s usually a favourite amongst the children. What a wonderful world!


Israel, Latkes

A dish from the Middle Ages, Latkes are fried potato pancakes that are rooted deeply in the culture of people in Israel. It’s a Hanukkah special for Jews, that has a significance which, leads back to an ancient Hebrew relic mentioned in the Bible, called the Menorah.

So what are you having for Christmas this year? With love, joy and good company to boot, food can be so special this time of year. Bon appetit and Merry Christmas!

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