10 Superfoods That Are Easy on the Pocket

So, let’s get real about Superfoods. The first thing you should know is it’s a marketing invention. The term is supposed to leave you with the idea that certain foods are packed so densely with nutrients, that they’ve got everything the body needs. The word’s tossed around so much these days, it’s hard to know where fact ends and gimmick begins.

Let’s clear this out. No, superfoods can’t and shouldn’t replace a regular, balanced diet. It’s not about doing a complete switch-eroo and changing to a one-sided diet, thinking something amazing is going to happen to your body overnight. Try not to think of it that way. Instead, look at them as additions to your everyday-eating that are going add some health benefits along the way. And importantly, it’s going to make sure you stay away from the snacks and foods that you know are bad for you!

We think that if something’s motivating you to reach for the strawberries instead of the chips, then carry on! We’ll have more of that, please!

In that same spirit then, here’s a handy guide that’ll help you include some ‘Superfoods’ in your diet that are inexpensive and easy to find at a store near you.

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