The Taste of Summer ( and a bonus recipe)

It’s a slow groan at first. Then you’re hustling up a staircase when you grit your teeth and wipe the brow. It’s setting in.

Then there’s the stillness in the balcony when you feel no breeze running its cool fingers through your hair. What’s happened is that summer’s got the drop on you.

It can be tough at first. Historically speaking, Bangaloreans have never taken kindly to summer. It’s a bit of a sore point with us, summer. Considering we never used to have one. Or so the legend goes. Nobody can remember for sure anymore.

But the stillness of March will pass. Harsh April will bring a bit of rain and humidity. And everyone who knows this city knows that balmy evening wind that blows in towards May.

But we mustn’t forget that summer stimulates growth. It’s the season of plenty when it comes to fresh produce of fruit and veggies.  And we must admit it, sunshine makes us feel pretty good sometimes. 🙂

Sure, your appetite is going to be down in the summer months because the body expends lesser energy to keep its temperature up. So go fresh: eat more salad, fruits and veggies. Stay cool.

Taste summer. ( Scroll down for a bonus recipe :))


A post-meal coolant for the body, this is a drink from the Konkan region of India. It’s made out of coconut milk and kokum. It’s full of antioxidants which are reported to have anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing properties.


Watermelon and feta salad

A few years ago, people may have wondered at this dish. But it became a popular dish that restaurants and pubs began to serve up. Surprise surprise! It soon became a summer party classic. But think about it –  no summer without watermelon is a real summer.


Prawn mango salad

It’s almost a no-cook salad too. Get some fresh prawns and you’re good to go. If you’ve never had mango and avocado together, oh boy, you’re in for a real treat!


Mango curry

Look, we can’t be done with this list if we don’t feature the mango at least twice. Can we? It’s still what we all think of as the taste of summer. And it’s got that sweet, spicy, sour taste and let’s be honest, how many times can you possibly take on a tikka masala? Try something different this summer.


Cucumber Gojju

In Kannada we call it “hasi“, which means raw. That’s exactly what this no-cook cucumber curry is all about. It’s about freshness, balance of flavours, which make for a great summer lunch or dinner, with white rice and a pickle on the side.



What words need to be spent? You either love a good kulfi or you don’t. That’s the truth to it. If you’re new in town or you’ve never had a Bowring kulfi, you may as well give it a go. It’s an old Bangalorean habit dating back, if you believe, to the 70s.


Now, here’s the bonus recipe for the Prawn Mango & Avocado salad we promised.

Prawn Mango & Avocado salad 

For the Spice Mix 

Mix all ingredients in the blender and store as seasoning and use accordingly

For the prawns  

Marinate the prawns a la minute and cook on a super high flame for exactly 45 seconds Take off heat. Squeeze lemon juice and keep aside.

For the Salad 

For the dressing 

Add all ingredients in the blender and blitz till smooth


1)  In a serving dish , add the lettuce and moong sprouts.

2)  Slather the mango and avocado around and over the lettuce to give a rustic look

3)  Top with prawns and nuts

4)  Drizzle with dressing on top just before serving. (According to taste)

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