Essential Baking Equipment You Need in Your Kitchen

Hot stones, dry heat and a bit of persistence, should, in all fairness be the main tools of a baker. Okay, so that’s a lot more lyrical and far less practical. But such is the love for baking.

Who can honestly say that they didn’t fall in love with the smell of baking bread as they walked by that bakery near home? Who hasn’t licked the cake batter bowl clean?   

So you’ve now decided you want to bake. Whether you’re a looking to be an ace or a weekend dabbler, here’s a list of baking equipment that is essential for your kitchen.

Digital weighing scale

Baking is chemistry. And that’s why it’s important to get your volumes and weights as precise as you can. A weighing scale is a must-have.

All-purpose whisk

Yours to use for blending your ingredients, aiming at most times to get a mixture that’s light and airy.

Silicon spatulas

These bendy spatulas are great for collecting up all that cake mix or butter that skims around the edges.

Baking paper

Non-stick paper that you can use to line the inside of your trays. Works just as well inside the oven as it does in your fridge.

Baking tins and molds

These come in different shapes and sizes,and materials.There are metal and silicone choices. Classic baking recipes always call for heavy duty metal trays. But both have their merits.

Measuring spoons and cups

It’s funny how we all have a different estimation of the size of a tablespoon. It’s best to have this covered if you want to get your recipes right. Measuring cups are a great choice if you like to use American recipes for your baking.

Mixing bowls

Invest in a couple of good quality mixing bowls that can withstand being heated, say in a microwave or over hot water.

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